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March 10th,2005

News Update—Jan. ‘05

Dear friends and supporters of:
Ishe Anesu Project and Africa University

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Galatians 6:9-10 (NIV).

In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we bring you cordial greetings from Zimbabwe. It has been quite a while since we promised to keep you informed of our mission, at least every three months, in relation to Ishe Anesu Project and Africa University. Well, we are not too far off, though.


Last semester ended with the dedication ceremony of the Faculty of Health Sciences building on the campus of Africa University, on December 1, 2005. This building is replenished with sophisticated modern furnishings and laboratory equipment that enhance the looks of a health faculty of this nature. We certainly appreciate very much the efforts and the generosity of all those who made it possible to have this dream realized.

The first semester of this academic year August ’04—May ’05, saw a sharp decrease in the enrollment of the students. This was, in part, due to the increase in tuition and fees necessary to meet the needs of Africa University. There was no way to avoid this increase in the cost of education here, so long as the country’s inflation keeps soaring high. The official number of students enrolled this year will soon be out as some University faculties are still registering new students who arrived late in January and early February, and some who are still arriving for the Intensive English course. However, it is estimated that the total number of students enrolled is approximately 1300. We believe that increased funding through apportionments, scholarships and endowments will make a tremendous impact not only on the increase in the number of students, but also in the expansion of the campus as well as in the quality of education at Africa University.


Four Ishe Anesu students wrote their final exams last November completing their Form IV level. Form IV is the minimum level required to be considered for various qualifications such as admission to college and/or a vocational training, namely, technical schools, technology training and job qualification. Results of their exams will be published towards the end of February. Needless to say we are all anxious to know who is making history at the Ishe Anesu Project.

One of the successes of this project is that this year we have been able to find places in 4 boarding schools to send our students to. These are: Marange High School with 10 students, Mutambara Boys High School with 3 students, Lydia Chimonyo Girls High School (Mutambara) with 2 students and Hartzell High School (Old Mutare) with 2 students.

We expect, in the near future, to enroll 15 new students in First, Second and Third Grades, depending on the availability of funds. The screening of these new students is being processed by some church leaders who live within the same area with the children being considered for admission into the Ishe Anesu Project. Based on the leaders’ recommendation, the children will be invited to the Project for an interview by the Ishe Anesu committee members and in consultation with the local Pastor for final approval and admission. As if this was not enough, Maria and her secretary will visit the homes of the selected children to check their actual living conditions in order to verify that no false declarations were made to get a child into the program. After that, final registration will take place, thus only the poorest of the poor will be admitted.

Primary School education is not as expensive as High School education, let alone boarding schools. School fees continue to escalate every three months, but we should not close our doors to the underprivileged. We, therefore, ask you to increase your financial support in order to help us meet this challenge brought about by the unprecedented inflation.


The women’s club at Ishe Anesu continues to be an asset to the Ishe Anesu Project. One of the vital functions the women are performing is the sewing of the children’s uniforms. With the help of some of our guests from the United States who visited the project and donated some funds to buy the fabric, and other friends who bought and sent the material to us, including yarn, the women were tasked to sewing uniforms and knitting sweaters for the children. The additional sewing machines we have recently received have enabled us to involve more women in our sewing classes. Attached is a picture showing a rack of uniforms in different colors, each color representing a school. Khaki uniforms are for boys in primary schools. Another picture shows the women sewing the uniforms. The mothers also continue to bake bread and rolls for the children. They also bake extra rolls to sell.


The boys are now taking classes in carpentry. Mr.Mutindori, better known as Negative, teaches carpentry to the students. Two girls have joined the boys in carpentry classes. The rest of the girls are learning weaving. They make table mats and the like. Attached is a picture showing Mr. Mutindori and his carpentry class, showing their finished products and those still in making.

Four students who attended Marange High School wrote their Form IV final exams (Grade 12) last November and are waiting for their results to be published this month of February. We hope they all passed. For those who may not make it, we plan to enroll them in vocational training such as advanced carpentry, bricklaying, dressmaking and catering. Our dream is to select at least one student, among the graduates, to do advanced high school courses in preparation for college. If successful, this student will make history in the Ishe Anesu Project to go from Grade I through College. Attached is a picture showing the four boys who completed their Form IV Level. (Leon, in the center, is the potential candidate)

Please continue to pray for the success of our projects. Our financial obligations are quite demanding. (Our bills carry too many zeros to fit in the computer Excel boxes!!) Without your support Ishe Anesu would be history by now. We therefore appreciate very sincerely all you are doing for the success of our mission in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Yours in His Service,

Bill and Maria Humbane P.O. Box 1320, Mutare ZIMBABWE e-mail: or

P.S. Please remember to browse through the pictures on the web. P.SS: In time: Leon passed all 8 subjects with 3”A’s” 3”B’s”1”C” and 1”D”. He has been re-admitted at Marange High School to do his ‘A” Level. The other 3 students passed with low grades and therefore they will be sent to a vocational school.
The students are showing their school uniforms. Each color represents a different school. In general, boys in Primary Schools wear khaki uniforms and those in Secondary Schools wear colors of their choice.In the background, a rack showing school uniforms, including sweaters made at the center by the Ishe Anesu women

Women of Ishe Anesu sewing uniforms for the children. School uniforms are very expensive. With yarn and materials, the women are able sew them at the Center. This cuts down the budget considerably.In the background, Maria is giving instructions to the women.

Students showing their products from their weaving class. They make table mats to place hot dishes to protect the table.The mats are sold to help buy more yarn for their weaving classes. The surplus is used to buy stationery.

The boys in the carpentry class. They make wooden caddies for holding spice jars in the kitchen or for holding soap bars, hair shampoo, etc. in the showerIn the background, Mr. Mutindori (Negative) in white shirt and Simon, both carpentry instructors.

Three of the four boys who completed their Form IV Level at Marange High School. From left to right:Fungai Marimo, Leon Chinguruwa and Tendai Marimo. The Marimo boys are twins.The fourth boy, Stanley Chinyai, was recruited by one of the Zimbabwe major soccer teams, “Dynamos” to play for the team. He now lives in Harare, the Capital City.

Construction of Ishe Anesu store room. Needed for storing food buckets, school supplies and clothing.Currently, Ishe Anesu pays rent to the Christian Center rooms to store all of the above. The completion of construction of the store room will greatly alleviate the monthly payments.However, more funds are needed to complete the building.

Developed by Sabino Humbane with photo editing by BADE studio.