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Newsletter--October 10, 2011

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set o a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand and it gives light to all who are in the house.” Matthew 5:15-15 (NKJV)

TO: All Friends and Supporters of Ishe Anesu Project:

Having now settled down after my itineration in the USA, I now find time to greet you and to express my utmost appreciation to all of you for your warm welcome during my visit with you. You made me feel I should return to see you again sooner than usual. I wish to express my gratitude to your response to my appeal in supporting Ishe Anesu, especially for the completion of the construction of the orphanage.

Before discussing the orphanage, I would like to inform you that all Ishe Anesu students have returned to school for their last term – September-December 2011. All their school fees have been paid for, and those in high school have their examination fees also paid for. Their school uniforms will be attended to during the next term, their new academic year. Meanwhile, students in Primary and local Secondary (High School) Schools continue to come to the Project after school, for meals, Religious Education, First-Aid treatment, tutoring and recreation. The students in the Boarding School will continue there until they complete their High School education. Of these, 6 are expected to complete their Junior year in December and one will complete High School.

Supported by Ishe Anesu Project, but living away from Sakubva, are 3 students attending Africa University who have also gone back to school. This is their third year. One is expected to graduate in June 2012 (3-year degree program); while the other two will be graduated in June 2013...Their tuition fees are partially paid for, plus the 3 in Teacher-Training College. These 3 are deployed in various schools to do their internship. Then we have one student attending Solusi University in Bulawayo, (Sophomore) and one attending Chinhoyi University in Chinhoyi (Freshman).. All the 8 college students are doing well. We look forward to their good results at the end of 2011.

The orphanage building is gradually coming to its completion. Bureaucracy is what is slowing us down. It takes weeks to get permission to install a water or electricity meter or to connect tubes and the like. Nevertheless, so much has already been achieved. You will be pleased to know that the new house has 20 bunk-beds already in place. The two kitchens are fitted with cabinets and drawers. Floor and wall tiles for the two bathrooms are also done. Bathroom showers, sinks, tubs and commodes are all in place. What we need now is furniture for the two living rooms—the children’s and the Matron’s--dining tables and chairs, a stove and a fridge for the matron’s kitchen.

We are pleased to inform that just two days ago, a water meter was connected. Water tubes are being placed for running water. The meter for electricity was installed a few weeks ago and the power company will connect electricity once payment of their charges is made. Finally, sewage will also be connected as soon as underground pipes are connected and materials and labor charges are paid for.

Needless to say, the success of Ishe Anesu is made possible from your generous financial support and gifts in kind. We will continue to keep you informed of the developments. Meanwhile, may the Good Lord continue to bless you more abundantly as you continue to serve Him in your special way.

Yours in Christ,

Bill and Maria

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