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Supplementary Update—January 2006

Dear Friends and Supporters of

We have just registered 10 students at a new boarding school. It’s called Manicaland Training Center, also known at Magamba Training Center. This center trains students to develop hands-on-skills in different and practical careers. The center is located 3 miles away from the turn off to Africa University on the Harare highway.

The 8 students who completed Form IV at Marange High School plus two more students who attended local schools are now receiving this training. We strongly believe that at the completion of their training, these students will find some job openings waiting for them, or alternatively, they will be able to start their own small businesses in their area of training. The 10 students have been registered as follows:

Course Description – MOTOR MECHANICS
Names of students - Kudzai, Ngoni and Cosmas

Course Description - GARMENT MAKING
Names of students - Trish, Adelaide and Treddah

Course Description - METAL WORK
Name of students - Life and Justin

Course Description - SECRETARIAL
Name of student - Tendai

Course Description - FOOD CATERING
Name of student - Fungai

These students can be identified in the picture of the December 05 Newsletter.

Although tuition is relatively much lower than the current fees charged in other boarding schools, the cost of purchasing the uniforms, tools, equipment, protective clothing and other materials, is extremely high—much higher than all other boarding schools. However, the good news is that the paraphernalia is purchased only once for the duration of their training – 18 months.

Getting these students into a skills-oriented school is a two-fold accomplishment: firstly, the vocational training brings light and hope for a brighter future. Secondly, getting to live in a boarding school brings further relief to most of these students who have been enduring a lot of hardships living with their non-biological parents. They were subjected to hard household chores in order to “earn” their accommodation, namely, sweeping the yard, going out to cut firewood, waking up early to sell vegetables before going to school and, to some extent, enduring physical abuse.

Here, below, are some quotes of how some of the students expressed themselves as they received the news about going to live at the training center:

LIFE: “I’m going to leave my Aunt who is so cruel to me. I ‘m no longer going to be overworked. I am going to my village to sell my goat so that I can have some money to by clothes to take to the boarding school.”

JUSTIN: “My guardian always forced me to go out gambling in the neighborhood so that I could bring some money home.”

COSMAS: “I was bored with school and wanted to quit because I did not have time to study. My grades were always low, but after hearing about going to a boarding school to learn some working skills, I gained courage and determination to stay in school.”

TREDDAH: I’m so overwhelmed with joy and I don’t have words to express my feelings.”

KUDZAI: “I promise to work hard in school so that I can earn a diploma, get a job and help my family.”

TENDAI: Mr. and Mrs. Humbane you are such a blessing to me. Thank you for giving me wings to fly. I praise God for giving me this blessing.”

FUNGAI: I’m thankful to have someone who really cares for me (Mrs. Humbane). I know I will be somebody tomorrow, thanks to Mama Humbane.”

NGONIDZASHE: “This course will give me a living. I already have plans for my future.”

TRISH: “With a diploma in garment making, I know I can have my own shop and design, make and sell clothes to my clients. I can even provide jobs for other people.”

ADELAIDE: “I always dreamed of having a career one day. Today, I can see the fulfillment of that dream in the near future.”

Finally, Treddah’s grandmother stood up and tried to say something. She kept saying, Treddah, Treddah, Treddah… so many times. In the end she and Treddah looked at each other and they both cried.

Your support is truly making a big difference in the lives of these young people.

God bless you all.

Maria and Bill Humbane

Developed by Sabino Humbane with photo editing by BADE studio.