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Dear Friends and Supporters of Ishe Anesu Project

We hope and pray that this e-mail finds you in good health.

Today's news is not pleasant. Ishe Anesu has lost one of its most prominent and promising students--Leon Chinguruwe, who died on August 26 2006, presumably of aids, acquired at birth. He was one of the first to be admitted to the Project in 1998 when he was 9 years old. He was the boy that suffered from head sores and other infectious diseases, but through the help of many of you who sent medical supplies, better nutrition at Ishe Anesu, and the medical attention he received from Dr. Manyeza, Leon was able to live a normal life for 9 more years. From time to time, however, Leon was forced to interrupt his studies and come home for medical treatment.

Inspite of the interruptions, Leon was bright enough to be able to get caught up with his classmates and even pass his tests with better grades. He was the only one who was able to complete Form VI, when he came home soon after writing his final exams. At his funeral, one of his teachers testified before the mourners that Leon had passed all his subjects. Unfortulnately, Leon did not live long enough to know his final results.

In our recent newsletters, we advocated about Leon, trying to secure sponsors to send him to Africa University. The response was quite positive and we had secured some funds that would guarantee to keep him in college for the first year. We are certain that more of you would have wanted to support Leon throulgh college.

Ishe Anesu has suffered a big setback by losing one whom we had expected to make the headlines in the history of Ishe Anesu. Nevertheless, we are consoled by our faith to believe that God had better plans for Leon than our plans; consequently, we give thanks to God in this circumstance and appreciate the time that God allowed us to share life together with Leon.

Pastor Samuel Dzobo's sermon at Leon's funeral and various testimonies pronounced by Leon's family and friends, were so powerful that some of the non-believers present, vowed to become members of the Hilltop United Methodist Church. One of them was Leon's elder brother, Liberty.

Please pray for Leon's family, for Ishe Anesu students, for the Church and for the community for which Leon was going to serve. Yes, Leon left us physically, but his examples in life: humble, courageous, studious and God-loving, have set an example not only to the rest of the Ishe Anesu students, but also to his family, the Church and to his community.


In Christ,

Bill and Maria

Leon Chinguruwe (1987 - August 26, 2006)

Developed by Sabino Humbane with photo editing by BADE studio.