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December 2005 Newsletter


L to R: Jimmy, Bill (senior), Loide, Maria, Angela, Timothy, Bill (junior). Middle row: Clara Maria, Samantha Front row: Billy Sabino, William James (baby), and Melvin Details: Clara is Loide’s daughter; Samantha and Timothy are Bill (jr.) and Angela’s children Wm James (the baby) is Melvin and Jani’s son. (Jani was not present)

The 4 students just completed Form IV at Marange H. Sch. L-R: Trish, Ngoni, Adelaide and Kudzai

The 4 students going for Form IV at Marange L-R: Tawanda, Yvonne, Previous & Violet

Tafadzwa: Going to do Form III in January 2006 Very outstanding student

L to R: Life and Leon (Life is Leon’s young brother) Leon is the top student; now going to do Form VI


Quotes from kids to God and to you: ”I remember you while I’m lying in bed; I think about you through the night. You are my help. Because of your protection, I sing.” And because of your support, I GO TO SCHOOL< I eat well and most of all, I know and accept Jesus as the Son of God and my personal Savior. PS: 63:6-7.(From

“The angel said to them; Do not be afraid. I’m bringing you good news that will be a great joy to all the people. Today your Savior was born in the town of David. He is Christ< the Lord. This is how you will know him: you will find a baby wrapped in pieces of cloth and lying in a feeding box. Luke 2:10-12, 14. (

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We hope this message finds you and your loved ones waiting patiently to welcome the birth of Jesus.

We have experienced countless blessings from God this year as we strive to go through each day of our life. Amazingly, God has been on our side and He has provided everything for us—security, protection, provision of our daily needs, etc. God is Good—All the Time!

Here is a summary of some of our achievements at Ishe Anesu Project:

4 more students graduated from Marange High School.

1. Trish Takawarasha, 2. Adelaide Chivunze, 3. Ngonidzashe Ngonyama, and 4. Kudzai Muparutsa. These have completed their Form IV (Equivalent to 12th Grade in the American system). Rather than proceed to do Forms V and VI, we have secured them places in vocational training schools:

Trish and Adelaide (girls) are taking courses in sewing, specializing in cutting and design. Ngoni and Kudzai (boys) are taking courses in electricity.

These courses have a duration of 3 years. We strongly believe that at the completion of these courses, all four students will find their professional careers to start a new life.

Meanwhile, 4 more students have moved from Form III to Form IV, thus replacing those who just completed Form IV this December.

Leon, who completed Form IV at Marange last year, has also passed successfully his Form V and will start Form VI in January. He’s the only one who, we think, can go to college at AU. Unfortunately the other 3 students who completed Form IV with Leon last year but passed with very low grades did not pass Form V this year. We plan to put them in vocational training centers as well. In general, nearly all primary school students have passed to the next level except 3 who failed. Apparently the 3 who failed will have to be placed in special education classes as they seem to be slow learners.

Leon’s health is still a bit shaky. About 2 or 3 times in a semester, he comes home to see the doctor. He goes back to school after treatment. Despite missing classes from time o time, Leon is still able to make good grades at the end of the semester. He is simply smart.


Our major concern is inflation. Cost of living, health care and education are demanding incredibly high costs. Many parents have either withdrawn their children from school without alternative education, or their children have been expelled from school for lack of payment of school fees. It is now, more than ever before, that Ishe Anesu Project is seen as a project of miracles—a project under God. The children at Ishe Anesu are really blessed in that they are not concerned about where their school fees and uniforms will come from, thanks to your financial support. They enjoy very nutritious meals at the Project. They have diversified activities including sports and recreation. However, our financial resources are being heavily drained by the inflation. Basic commodities such as bread, milk, sugar and cooking oil, carry prohibitive prices whenever they are available. Usually, people who can afford to buy them are those that can buy them in bulk and resell them at the flee market in minute portions but with affordable prices. By so doing, their margin of profit is exceedingly high.

Such difficult life has pushed us to devise a strategic plan. We have grouped all our boarding high school students in one school—Marange High School. This school charges the lowest fees of all the other schools where our students were attending. We have also grouped all our commuting high school students in one: Elise Gledhill High School. All primary school students have remained in their respective schools. Their school expenses are much lower than those in local as well as in boarding high schools.

So much about Ishe Anesu Project. Although this time we are not including news about Africa University, we hope you will appreciate to know that Bill was selected as part of 5 delegates from Africa University to go to Angola to establish an academic relationship between University Agostinho Neto and Africa University. University Agostinho Neto is a state university located at Huambo, North of Angola. Bill is going there to set up a language school both at Huambo and in Luanda, the capital city. The other AU staff will be setting up links in the other areas such as Agriculture, Management, including setting up an Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance. Bill is not leaving Zimbabwe but will be traveling back and forth to do supervisory work. In addition to setting up a language school (English), Bill will be training language teachers to sustain the program.

We wish to close this letter by wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, 2006.


Bill and Maria

Developed by Sabino Humbane with photo editing by BADE studio.