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People of Israel, the Lord?s arm is not too weak to save you. His ears aren?t too deaf to hear your cry for help.(Isaiah 59:1) Today in the town of David, a savior has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord, Immanuel. God with us, ( Ishe Anesu.) (Luke 1:11). In every promise that was fulfilled, may Peace, Joy and Goodwill continue to be fulfilled to all mankind.

To All Our Sponsors And Friends:

We greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Another year has come to an end. Although the year was very tough for our students, most of them have managed to write their final exams and we are now awaiting the results to be published in January 2009.

While most, if not all of you have been following the economic developments in Zimbabwe, we would like to inform you about how it affects Ishe Anesu. School fees are charged twice or more during the same semester. Usually, the second charge is often higher than the first payment, citing the inflation in the country. In other words, we pay $300 per student at the beginning of the term. Before the end of the term, the fees will have increased to , say, $900. The school will call the parents to ?top up? the difference between the $300 and $900 within the same semester (in Zimbabwe currency only).

The daily perishables like vegetables, firewood, charcoal, etc. are very expensive. Bus fares are not affordable. Despite the shortage of basic food items in the stores, Ishe Anesu children have enough supply of food thanks to the Holston Conference that sends food items in the container every year. The children are also provided with health kits and school supplies by the Holston Conference. If foodstuffs were not provided, the project would have closed by now as there is none available locally. If funds did not come from all of you, the children would have stopped going to school by now. If funds did not come from you, there would be no way to cook food that we have because we could not affort to buy firewood or charcoal. If funds did not come from you we would not be able to buy the daily perishables etc.

To all of you, therefore, we say, THANK YOU very much for your decisive contribution in different ways, including support through your prayers.

We are therefore happy to inform that at Ishe Anesu, the children are well taken care of.

Christmas Celebrations.

The children participated in Christmas presentation, reading and memorizing Bible verses about Christmas story and performing in drama, singing Christmas songs in the presence of their guardians, special guests, the Ishe Anesu Committee and the Hilltop United Methodist Pastors. It was a very exciting moment. The excitement was highlighted by a Christmas party which was sponsored by Mrs. Pate of the Holston Conference in Tennessee and long time sponsor and friend of Ishe Anesu. She donated $200.00 for the children to have a Christmas party celebration.


Five students concluded high school advanced studies A-Level

Previous Sadadzi (18)
A-Level student

Tawanda Chadiwana (17)
A-Level student

Golden Chiyange (17)
A-Level student

Yvonne Mhembere (18)
A-Level student

Nyasha Chinzvende (21)
A-Level student

This year, Ishe Anesu was able to repeat a very successful history since the existence of the project. It was in 2006 when our first student Leon Chinguruwe was the first Ishe Anesu student to write and pass A-LEVEL examination. Our plan was to have had him attend Africa University. But God?s plan for Leon was to take him to heaven in 2006.

Currently, the following students have written the A-Level exams: Previous Sadadzi (18) accountant; Tawanda Chadiwana (17) Divinity, Golden Chiyange (17) accountant, Yvonne Mhembere (17) nursing Precious Chinzvende (21) nursing. The above students are awaiting results in February 2009 and if funds are available our hope is to send them to Africa University. In the meantime, these students are participating in all activities at Ishe Anesu, such as: Bible study, tutoring the primary and secondary students, doing hand crafts (sewing and making bags decorated with animals), helping with cooking and cleaning, and gardening. We feel proud that we are able to use our own resources by making use of these precious students that Ishe Anesu has invested in along the past ten years.

Form VI Students

Following are two students who have finished Form 5 going to Form 6 (A-Level) in January 2009: Russell Rusike, (17) and Calisto Musimwa (17).

The following students are repeating Form IV

Tafadzwa Hondowhe and Violet Zvakare. Tafadzwa wrote the exams in November 2008 for the three subjects she had failed in Form IV. The results will be published in February. If she passes and if funds are available, she will proceed to do Form ?V in March 2009.

I regret to say that unfortunately Violet Zvakare, Annah Takawarasha, Josephine Razemba, Lois Pariyani and Stephen Muguyo and Lynnet Razemba failed the core subjects in Form-IV and still show little interest in their school work. Our plan is to have them replaced them with competent students as of January 2009.

Form IV: We have 2 students who have completed Form- IV examinations last November 2008. They are: Eben Chinzvende(16) and Ivy Mhembere (16). Their results will be published in February 2009, but it is assumed that they will continue to do Forms- V and VI the next 2 academic years 2009-2010 pending on the availability of funds.

The year 2008 was the most unfortunate year for students in primary and secondary schools. All government teachers across the board decided to go on strike, demanding pay raise. They stayed away from classes from May to December. Some able parents contracted private teachers to teach their children for the two semesters. Those who could not afford to pay private teachers saw their children roam on the streets. Fortunately, our Ishe Anesu students had classes everyday, thanks to our own tutors. They were able to write their final exams and they all passed.

Below are the names of the students who attended private tutoring at Ishe Anesu:

Secondary School

Portia Biningu, Anesu Mudzipurwa, Mercy Muparutsa, Talent Moses, Takunda Magure, Farai Nyamuchengwe, Tawanda Muyambo, Leroy Muringa, Alice Pariyani, Cardigal Muuduri, Tiffany Ferro, Cliff Mhembere and Muriel Muranzi.

Primary School

Lisa Madima, Linton Nezomba, Promise Masawi, Rumbidzai Mukuza, Tendai Chadiwana, Sekai Muguyo, Thulani Biningo, Prince Biningo, Princess Magarizano, Bredon Muyambo, Pride Magarizano, Bianca Musewe, Seven Machisa, and Ashmore Masawi.

7th Grades: This year we were able to graduate 6 students from 7th Grade: Pride Magarizano, Bianca Musewe, Steven Machisa, Cliff Mhembere, Ashmore Masawi, and Shamiso Mhlanga. Our hope is for them to continue with their studies in Form I (8th grade) pending on the availability of funds.

The Primary students are growing well and feel more confident on themselves than ever before. They are able to participate in the discussions during Bible study they volunteer to take part in performing skits, and reciting Bible verses. As they recite Bible verses, they make testimonies on what the verses mean to them and how they helped them to change their unacceptable behavior to a new life style. Ishe Anesu came a long way. Time goes fast. Children who joined the project since its beginning in 1998 are now grown up. They are now from ages 7 to 23. They are no longer small kids as before. The older ones are able to make important decisions. Some are working and others are in process of getting married, others have not yet decided on what their future plans will be.

Thirty Ishe Anesu students have been graduated from high school since the beginning of Ishe Anesu. In January 2009 Ishe Anesu will need to recruit 30 more students to replace them. This will continue to maintain the number of 60 children in the Project.

The selection will be as follows:

10 students 1st Grade
10 students 2nd Grade
10 students 3rd Grade
For several years we have been going through a nonstop increase of inflation. This affects all types of economy. The cost of living is the talk of everyday. However, we are not in a position yet to ask for more than you have been providing for each student. Below are the figures:

Primary Schools: $250.00 per year. High school day school: $350.00 per year. High school Boarding students $650.00 per year. These values include the payment of school fees, levies, uniform, sports cloths, medical bills and transportation) etc.

Finally we are pleased to announce that on July 2008 Ishe Anesu has completed 10 years of its existence. We were not able to throw a party for the students, but we are planning to celebrate this special occasion the last week of July 2009. You are cordially invited to join us on this special occasion.

To conclude, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for the continuous and generous support you have been providing through the years. May the Good Lord continue to bless you more abundantly.

Wishing you


In Christ,

Maria and Bill Humbane

Ishe Anesu Project

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